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Super Eye Investigations President, Raffi Smilansky, is a hands-on president who works side by side with his employees to build and sustain a business that is based on honesty, integrity and a commitment to excellence. Mr. Smilansky is an industry veteran investigator, licensed in California since 1983. He is an expert in the field of workers' compensation, insurance fraud, celebrity surveillance, criminal investigations, infidelity cases, industrial espionage and more.

He believes in offering his clients impeccable customer service by delivering consistent, accurate and rapid results. As an avid enthusiast of new technologies, Mr. Smilansky utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to bring clients the most current solutions, which includes real-time access to thorough and factual information.

With a background in military and law enforcement, Smilansky manages an ever-expanding team of investigators and staff whose combined experience provides clients with everything they need to resolve their investigative challenges.